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Velvet Nails

I think it's safe to say I am obsessed with these.
Although they have been around a while now, I still cannot rave about them enough I just think they're absolutely fabulous!

So what exactly are they? Well its quite simple really, there just little pots of velvet, which is everything you need to add a little texture to your tips.

Its all pretty simple to use; but i'll give slightly messy, even though it's only a four-step process. Here's how it works:

-First apply your clear base coat, as these velvet are quite intense colours I like to use the closes colour nail varnish as I can get, so to stop it possibly staining my nails a base coat is always good to use.

-Secondly apply a coat of colour on one nail at a time, and apply a generous sprinkle of crushed velvet to each wet nail.

-I then pat down and use a small fan brush to sweep away any excess velvet, which can be captured in the accompanying tray. Don't discard it—pour it back into the bottle.

-After this because of the 3D texture, there's no need for a top coat.

I also got this whole tray of colours off of ebay for about £3.00 (I love a good bargain) 


 Let me know your thoughts and opinions on these little pots of absolute joy!
Have a Fabulous Day!

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