Exciting News For My Fabulous Followers. . .

Lets kick start this blog with some exciting news. . . 

Firstly let me please apologise for not blogging for the last 3 weeks or so but I've been super busy with wedding season and some exciting news of my own!!! So not only did I turn the big 21 on Thursday 1st May I also got engaged to my boyfriend of five years!!! =D

It was the most perfect day all organised by Liam, who planned a spa day at Balantine Spa with my friend Sarah, which on its own was just amazing. Then later on a romantic dinner at one of my favourite restaurants Mumma Mias, a cute little Italian restaurant along the river. My heart then melted as I walked in and was welcomed by balloons, Champaign and all our closes friends, Liam then thanked everyone for coming but continued to say that that wasn't the only reason we were all together that evening, before I knew it he had pulled out a box which had the most beautiful engagement ring inside. I can't really tell you much more after that as there was a lot of tears but obviously I said YES!
Some of my family were in the pub next door so they ran across as they were all waiting for the news, seems like everyone knew but me.

Cute story about the ring as well, about a year ago we were in our local jewellers and come across this ring and said (joking of course, as it was rather on the expensive side) "If we were ever to get engaged this would be my ideal ring" and after all this time he remember - boy did good, I'll tell you that.

Let me know your exciting news this year I'd love to hear it!

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