Lets All Jump On The Jelly Hype.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Lips & Nails

I know this is a little over due but after seeing the Barry M Gelly product advert I had to go and try some out for myself, I mean I love jelly so the idea of jelly products sounds rather yummy!

I'm obsessed with turquoise and blues at the moment so I brought two colours in the nail varnishes, Huckleberry (which is a light blue) and Green Berry (which is a minty blue) these varnishes are spot on I think there great, the colours are so vibrant and the consistency is very thick so it gives a perfect opaque finish. There the perfect shades for summer so I defiantly think I will be purchasing some more of these.
I think the only downfall if i'm being picky is they take a little longer to dry as the formula is a little thicker, but then again I don't mind sitting there a little longer unable to do anything because my nails are drying!


I also brought one of the Gelly Lip Crayons in shade number 2 this being your typical high glossy red with a slight orange tint. There are 5 shades in total. These are not my favourite lip crayons I have brought, as the beautiful shine wore off after about 2 hours leaving a stain of the colour on my lips, I also found that with it being on the super glossy side it did bleed a little bit so I would advise to put a light coating of lip liner on to assure this doesn't happen plus this does help the product grip to your lips for a little longer.

Personally the one thing that has really put me off these is that there's no turning point at the end to lengthen once they are blunt, you do have to sharpen them which for me is a pet hate for lip crayons/ balms/ chubbysticks as it results in a lot of mess and a lot of waste. Not totally convinced that I will be buying one of these again, but then again this is me talking so I wont ever say never.

 Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Lips - £4.99 
 Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nails - £3.99 

If you have tried these i'd love to know your thoughts on them.
Have A Fabulous Day!

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