Long Locks of Colour

KC Professional Colour Mask


I've been asked to review this product for my hairdresser as I’m the only one in her salon with this hair colour. 
This is the first time I’ve used this and I quite like it, I only wash my hair about once every 4/5 days so I’ve used it every time. I feel like my colour has lasted longer than normal and it has helped my ends look a little bit better but I wouldn’t say it’s a mask specifically used to nourish hair but more to help maintain your colour. Defiantly use a treatment mask as well as this, if you suffer from dry ends, Aussie: 3 Minute Miracle is my favourite.
What I would say though, is wear gloves when using this product or at least scrub your hands clean straight after using it, it’s so highly pigmented that if you leave it in your hands for too long it will stain, I found it stained underneath my nails after using it. Also try to avoid massaging this product into your scalp I only put it in the pony tail bit of my hair, as again it may stain if you leave it on there for too long.
Apply it just after you have washed your hair, leave for 10 min’s then just wash it out. Easy peasy! 
There is an intense colour range in this mask collection so there will always be one for everyone, even if you have highlights or multiple shades in your hair, just choose the colour mask that is the closest to the lightest colour in your hair. If you want to remove brassy tones or even out your blonde hair, light shades can used but always take advice from your hairdresser as they will be able to match you up accordingly.

So all in all, if you ever get the opportunity to try one of these out, go for it, it 
 may just be the answer to all your hair colour problems... 

 Have A Fabulous Day!

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