Collection Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner

Trail Of Glitter 

I love adding a little sparkle to my makeup look and personally I think the best way to achieve this is with glitter eyeliner.
Now when it comes to glitter eyeliners sadly I have been let down by quite a few times in the past, I tend to find them too watery and you get the tiniest amount of glitter in an application, which then never seems to dry so just transfers all over my eye lid. Put your hand up if this has happened to you....

Determined not to be let down again I started a little research on what other bloggers/makeup artist favourite glitter liners were, and surprisingly Collection's Glam Crystals was mentioned quite a few times. I only purchased one to start with which was 10 - Rock Chick, a glittery black. I wore it out that evening and was in awe of it. Not only is it super pigmented and stayed put all night, but it is so easy to use, it has a precision brush which makes application so easy!
In others I found that the glitter particles were quite big so they used to clump together which would then show a lot of the clear gel, not in this one though, the particles are so tiny that it spreads evenly leaving a beautifully intense line of glitter. As the formula is quick drying, it is not watery and does not transfer, although I do still advise to keep your eye shut for at least 30 seconds after applying it just to make sure.

They reflect light beautifully so all throughout the evening whether it was on the dance floor, at the bar or in the bathroom I kept receiving compliments on this eyeliner. So with such amazing results I was fixed, I had to buy more and with 12 shades, at just £2.99 each I couldn't resist getting just a couple more.

From left to right: 
(Blue) - 10 Pow!
(Purple) - 11 Shake It Up
(Black) - 7 Rock Chick
(Red) - 8 Dancing Queen
(Sliver) - 1 Glitz

(This picture doesn't show the glitter exceptionally well so I would advise if you are interested in these to pop down to your local Superdrug and swatch them yourself)

 Have a Fabulous Day!

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