All Tied Up In A Bow

Bow Hairstyle Tutorial. . . 

In this blog post I will be showing you step by step on how to create a bow hairstyle, this is such an easy, simple hairstyle but which looks so cute and creative.
So if you would like to know how, keep reading . . . 

What you will need to create this look:

- Hairspray
- Hairbrush
- Bobby Pins
- Hair Tie

Step 1: 

Use your hair tie to create a pony tail but on the last loop don't pull it all the way through.


Step 2:
Separate the bun so its split in half.

Step 3:
Take the existing bit of the pony tail, and wrap it around the middle of what you separated and bobby pin it.

Step 4:
Lastly just perfect your bow, pull the bottom of the bow down and pin with a bobby pin, to make the bow bigger.
Tuck away any loose strands underneath and spray with hairspray to keep in place.

And wallah there you have it, a funky bow style for your hair that took less then 10 minutes to do.

There are different ways to wear this look:
Try doing it with half your hair down and curly for a more dressy look.

Just a little bow on the side of your head or on a side pony tail for a more casual look.

I would love to see you try this, so if you do please send me your pics!

Have a Fabulous day!


Graphic Eyeliner

Today's Look. . .

Products I've Used.
Maybelline, Eyestudio Gel Liner -  Base Eyeliner
Rimmel London, Glam'eyes Liquid Liner - Over the top on the gel liner to give it a smoother sleeker look

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Strange - All over eye lids up to brow
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Nooner - In Crease
Mac, Expresso - Eyebrows

Salon System Lashes - Naturalash 110


L.A Girl Endless, Pink Parfait - Lip Liner
MAC, Girl About Town - Lipstick

Have a Fabulous Day! 




Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner

First Impressions...

As you all know I am a lover of eyeliner, something must be seriously wrong if I don’t have some kind of eyeliner look going on as I feel naked without it. 

I do like playing around with new ones so I thought I would give the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in black a try. First impressions was "cute pot" I really like the look of this product, I like the style of packaging and the fact they have gone for silver not black like all the others gel eyeliner pots I have. The brush is quite dense but I hate that it’s a flat brush and not a angle or liner brush I do however like that its quite a big brush and not one of them tiny ones that just gets lost as soon as you open the box, however saying that I did achieve a perfectly good winged effect by using it so it defiantly can be done. I also like that it has got their branding on the side as others don’t, so I thought that was a nice touch. This would only be a love from me or someone else that takes pictures of makeup but the fact that there are no branding / barcode stickers and the name of the product is engraved in is a huge deal, I cannot stand photographing products that have all the ingredients sticker plastered all over them, just looks damn ugly!

As for the gel liner itself it’s a very intense black, creamy and easy to apply. It does take a little longer than expected to dry but I didn’t have any transfer, if you are someone with hooded eyelids you may find this will transfer but it’s easier than other gels I have tried in the past to wipe off.
As for duration what I like to do when testing a new liner is apply it without any other makeup so from the picture you can see I have no foundation or eye shadows on, I also haven’t got any eye primers on either, this means the product has nothing to grip to, if it lasts a long time without any products underneath you know it will do well with the help of eye shadow and primers. 
I have been wearing this for over 7 hours now, the product hasn’t crumbled or cracked which is a good thing when it comes to eyeliners, but it has worn a tiny, tiny bit just where my wing flicks out, as here, for me is quite an oily area so you may find this doesn’t happen to yours, if this happens when I use eye shadow underneath I will just go over it with a liquid eyeliner. This product does state just like many others that it is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours so I am intrigued to know if it lasts as long as it should.

The product does state that it is safe for sensitive eyes and for people who wear contact lenses I don’t have either so I cannot comment on that fact. I will say that I did apply it to the inside of my upper lash line and there was no problem with it being there.
There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of product in the tub as most of the bottom is the just the glass container, however I only used a very small amount literally just swiped my brush in there once and that was enough to create this look.

If you have used this gel liner before I would love to know your thoughts?

Have a Fabulous Day!