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I received these MUA (Makeup Academy) palettes as a gift so after a couple months of trying them out here is my review and swatches.
After hearing a lot of buzz on these palettes on social media I was going in with quite high expectations, and I will tell you they did not disappoint.

The white one is the "Romantic Efflorescence" palette, the black natural palette is called the "Twelfth Night", and black brightly coloured palette is called "Poptastic"
Personally I prefer the Twelfth Night palette as I thought the colours were better pigmented then the Romantic palette.

Each palette contains some great pigmented colours, a few lacked pigment but once worked into the skin and layered they worked just as well as the others.
You will need to layer these eye shadows to make them last well, but there is a great range of colours ranging in mattes, shimmers and pearls.
These are ridiculously good value for money costing only £4.00 each.

 The Twelfth Night Palette

This palette is probably my favourite out of the three I have reviewed, it has everything you need to create perfect look, including crease colours, highlighting shades lid and transition colours.

Swatches Left to right: 
The first one is Hush, but I cut half of it out with the camera so you may not be able to see it, this is a matte beige colour and its one of my most used colours in this palette as I use it as my base.
Ice - Similar to Hush but shimmery, great for highlighting your brow bone.
Myrrh - Shimmery yellow/gold.
All Spice - Shimmery, reddish brown
Frost - Shimmery Silver
Ivy - Dark green, this one lacked pigment so needs to be built up
Oudh - Shimmery beige/ copper, this one is the most pigmented in the whole palette, it's such a beautiful colour.
Plum - A rich deep purple with a slight simmer.
Coal - A shimmery moss colour, green containing brown pigments it's like they have mixed Ivy and Fir together.
Enchant - A Shimmery gun metal grey.
Fir - A deeper brown
Star Shine - A darker shimmery grey.

The Romantic Efflorescence Palette

This palette has a great combination of shimmers and mattes with a diversity of colours which can be used to create a natural day time look or a darker look for the evening. Unfortunately I did find most of the mattes patchy and lacking pigment this caused them to be hard to blend and extra time is needed to build the colours up.

Swatches Left to Right:

Mesmeric - A matte light salmon.
Bewitch - A shimmery bronze brown.
Tempt - A taupe with a light shimmer can appear patchy so needs to be built up and blended well.
Magnet - A matte brown / grey, this colour again lacks pigment and can come up quite patchy.
Corrupt -  A Matte Black surprisingly with how dark this black looks it's one of the colours that lacks the most pigment it's more of a charcoal black, and again needs building up, but it's easily blendable so that's a bonus!
Exposed - A silver with a hint of brown shimmer
Obsessed - A chocolate brown with shimmer, beautifully pigmented and a little goes a long way.
Siren - A matte purple with grey undertones another patchy shade which is hard to blend.
Lavish - A light taupe, great for using as a transition / crease shade.
Reveal - A light silver which is quite chalky so you may experience some fall out when using this colour.
Fiery - A deep metallic gold, this is the most pigmented colour in the palette and a little goes a long way.
Captivate - Another matte this time a medium brown.  This is a better matte than the rest quite pigmented easy to blend easy to work with.


The Poptastic Palette

Lastly the Poptastic Palette, as you can tell from the photo, this palette contains 12 bright, fun shades that add a pop of colour to any look! This palette is definitely suited for those who are on the more daring side and want to add a brighter colour to their look.

I was quite impressed with the pigmentation of this palette most of these colours are shimmers so I think that helped. The only problems I have with this palette, are although they are lovely and smooth a few of the eyeshadows are a little difficult to blend out. The colour range is limited I would of liked to have seen a few more greens or even an orange in the collection instead of 5 different blues.
Swatches Left to Right:
Pizzaz Purple - A pink purple colour with a silver shimmer running through, one of the best colours in this palette, highly pigmented.
Jade Jazz - A beautiful shimmery sea green, I would have loved to have seen some more greens.
Cool Cyan - A matte baby blue, less pigmented then the rest and it's one of the ones that was harder to blend out.
Cherry Sours - The darkest pink, great pigment and easy to blend, it's a good colour but personally I'm not a fan of it.

Lime Sizzle - A light yellow, minimal pigment, creamy in texture with a little fall out.

Atomic Aqua - Quite similar to Jade Jazz but is a bit more on the blue side.
Electric Purple - A dark, deep, purple with a creamy texture.
Shocking Pink - A light, powdery pink contains shimmer. I personally prefer this pink to Cherry Sours.
Gold Mine - A gorgeous golden yellow, creamy in texture, easy to blend and highly pigmented.
Crystal Blue - A matte royal blue, great to use under the eyes for a pop of colour.
Blue Suede - It is pretty mid tone metallic blue shade. Very gorgeous shade, creamy in texture and has good pigmentation.
Sonic Blue - A very glamorous, navy blue.

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  1. Do they sell the palettes at the Drug store??

  2. Hi Jenniffer, yes they do. They are all from Superdrug at £4.00 each.


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