Todays Look

The White Rabbit (Halloween)


With Halloween slowly coming to an end here is the final character to my Alice in Wonderland series. This White Rabbit look is inspired by Beauty.x.jenna on instagram and is by far my favourite that I have created.

I'd love to know whats been your favourite look. . .

Here's how I created this look. . .

Base: NYX jumbo eye pencil 604 Milk
          Wendy eyeshadow pot (didnt have a number) Shimmery pearl colour

Clock: Mac liquidlast black liner 

Eyes: Wendy eyeshadow 5, pink in center
          Wendy eyeshadow 10, light pink around the brighter pink 
          Wendy eyeshadow 9, purple, around the top & inner nose
          Collection Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner, sliver 1 Glitz underneth lashline

          Wendy eyeshadow 14, grey outlining the gel liner 

Nose: Wendy eyeshadow 5, pink 

Wiskers: Mac acrylic paint white
              Wendy eyeshadow 14, grey outlining the whiskers  

Top lashes: Eylure 140 Naturallies covered in Mac white acrylic paint / NYX glitter 10 & 07 
Bottom lashes: Demi whispies covered in Mac white acrylic paint / NYX glitter 10 & 07          

Teeth: Mac point black liquid liner, teeth outline and top li
           Mac acrylic paint whiteness of teeth
           Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette Dornouse, stains on teeth

 Outline of mask: Wendy eyeshadow 14, grey
                           Mac lipliner Beet
                           L.A girl lipliner Dark Plum 
                           Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette Salazen Grum

 Have a Fabulous Day! 



Todays Look

The Red Queen (Halloween) 


Down with the bloody red queen!!!!
 If you know me you are probably aware that I am OBSESSED with Alice In Wonderland, so I thought I would carry on my halloween theme and do a mini Wonderland series.

Here's how I created this look. . .

Base: Mac pure white acrylic paint
Corset: Mac black black acrylic paint to do the lines 
            Grimas water makeup in 505 (red) to create the hearts

            Mac carbon eyeshadow to add depth to the hearts and smoke out the lines
Eyes: Urban Decay Wonderland Palette, Heads will roll up past the brows
          Urban Decay Wonderland Palette, Dandersnatch outer corner
          Urban Decay Wonderland Palette, SalazenGrum inner corner 
          Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil, Perversion water liner, smudged underneath & beauty mark
          Mac point black liquid liner, winged liner
Blush: Max Factor Creme Blush, gorgeous berries
Lips: Mac lipstick M.A.C Red 
        Mac Carbon around the edges 
Brows: Mac point black liquid liner
Bloody Heart: Derma Wax  
                      Mehron Coagulated blood
                      Grimas professional film blood (A) 

                      A queen of hearts playing card 

 Have a Fabulous Day!


Todays Look

The Cheshire Cat (Halloween)
Inspired by Pixiwoo 


Halloween is upon us, and I wanted to create something for you guys so I came across The Cheshire Cat by Pixiwoo and wanted to try it myself, so I dug out all my old theatrical makeup from college and here it is!

Here's how I created this look. . .

Base: Grimas water makeup in 701 (silver/grey)
Whiskers/Fur: Grimas water makeup in 101 (black) & 102 (white)
Eyes: Grimas water makeup in 401 (green)
Gums: L.A Girl lipliner Wine
Brows: I blocked my brows out using the Grimas Derma Wax 
Tools: 2 damp beauty blenders / fine liner brushes / flat shadow brushes & lip brushes

 Have a Fabulous Day!


Todays Look

Purple/Plums Fall Makeup 

Autumn is finally here and I love it, it is defiantly my favorite season of the year, layering your clothes, the gorgeous deep, rich colours and of course halloween!
Here's how I created this look. . .

Base: Mac Studio Sculpt foundation 
Blush: Mac Warm Soul
Eyes: Naked Palette 3 Strange under the brow bone
          Urban Decay Alice in wonderland palette Cheese Board in the crease & outer corner and underneath
          Mac Plum Dressing on the lids & inner corner underneath
          Mac Deep Damson outer corner & underneath
          Mac Liner Teddy in the waterline 
Lashes: Red Cherry #43
Lips: L.A Girl lipliner Wine/ Mac lipstick Sin
Brows: Mac Brow Pencil Lingering

 Have a Fabulous Day!


Welcome back to the world of blogging

I'm baaack!!!

As you are all probably aware I have taken around a year out of the blogging world, the end of 2015 and all of 2016 has probably been the most wonderful/busiest/stressful times of my life to date.In the past year I have probably done the most 3 life changing things you could do (without having a baby) and they all decided to happen all at once.

From June 2015-November 2015 I had the development and launch of my very own salon, Be Fabulous was created and I am now one very proud business owner!

In March 2016 after 2 years of waiting, searching and wondering if me and Liam should just move into Ikea as we spent so much time there, we both finally moved into our own home.
And then last but certainly not least me and Liam tied the knot on the 17th August 2016, I still get all teary eyed thinking about our special day. I want to do it all over again please Liam :)

I will be posting a full blog on the wedding day, sharing with all you lovely lot pictures, colour schemes, the ups and downs and the points where I thought I would probably go to prison for stabbing someone if they didn’t have the right silver I wanted. Weddings do strange things to people....

Have a Fabulous Day!