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Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Modern Renaissance Palette


This is my first Anastasia Beverly Hill's purchase and I'm very, very, exited! I am lucky enough to have a beautiful friend as an air hostess who does all my American makeup shopping for me(Thanks Sarah!), so I managed to get this for £30.00 which retails in America for around $42.00.

The Modern Renaissance palette was launched for summer 2016 and includes 14 eyeshadows that come in a unusual mix of warmer neutrals and gorgeous pops of pinks/reds & oranges. With around 10 of the shades being matte and the others having a pearly/metallic sheen it makes quite an exciting mixture for makeup lovers out there.

The Brush
The palette also contains a great double sided crease and buffing brush which was surprisingly of great quality, normally with any brushes that are included in palettes the quality of them are quite poor, but this one got the thumbs up from me.

ABH Modern Renaissance colour swatches from bottom to top:
Tempera - A light beige with warm, peachy tones and a satiny sheen. It's incredibly soft and silky and although you can't really see it in my swatch Tempera has great colour payoff that applied well without sheering out too easily. I like to use this as an all over base colour to my lids. This did kick up a lot of excess colour in the pan.

Golden Ochre - A matte, medium, earthy yellow. The texture was very soft and blendable, it was slightly dusty but nothing to cry home about. It had good pigmentation that applied well and blended out easily. Works beautifully as a transition colour.

Vermeer - A iridescent pink champagne colour with, warm undertones and a frosted sheen. I love this colour it has such a smooth consistency, finely-milled, and soft, which resulted in some excess product getting kicked up in the pan. It applied beautifully and just sort of melted into place instead of sheering out into nothingness. Perfect as a highlight colour and when used with Fix + spray

Buon Fresco - A dusky, lavender-mauve with a matte finish. This shade is also available individually. The texture was a little powdery but it was very pigmented, I can see this being a very popular shade, i've used it as a transition colour or just a wash over the lids, it's like the perfect mauve.

Antique Bronze - A slightly muted, copper/brown with warm, reddish undertones and a pearly sheen. It had nice pigmentation with a smooth and was very easy to blend.

Love Letter - A dark raspberry with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. It's dryer than the others but still has really good pigmentation, you will have to build it up lightly on the lids but it actually blended out fairly easily and didn’t become uneven or turn patchy.

Cyprus Umber - A dark coffee colour with subtle, warmer undertones and a matte finish. Again the consistency was very soft and smooth when applied, it didn't sheer out too much. It had mostly opaque colour payoff and I've used this as a smudged out winged liner and it was beautiful.

Raw Sienna - A light-medium brown with warm, golden undertones and a matte finish. This eyeshadow had a really silky consistency that was blendable on the skin, works beautifully as a transition colour and you don't need to pile it on.

Burnt Orange - A medium orange-brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had good pigmentation with a soft, smooth, very lightly dusty consistency. This shade is also available to purchase individually and is another great transition shade.

Primavera - A light peachy-gold, with warm undertones and a frosted, lightly metallic sheen. It had very good colour coverage with a soft, lightly dusty consistency. It also worked well when applied wet with Fix + spray.

Red Ochre - A medium-dark, brick, reddish,brown colour with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation with a very silky-smooth texture that blended out really easily, you will need to build it up in order to get truer to pan colour.

Venetian Red - A medium-dark, crimson red with subtle, warmer undertones and a matte finish. This is a dryer shade but this is common among these types of colours. It did kick up a little of excess product and had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation that blended out quite well.

Warm Taupe
- A medium, earthy, taupe-brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture was smooth, bendable, and easy to use, the colour payoff was fantastic. Shade like these are great, if your browns are to warm use a bit of this over the top and it will neutralise it. This shade is also sold individually.

Realgar - A medium-dark brick orange-brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had good pigmentation with a very smooth, silky texture that applied beautifully to the lid and didn't sheer out.

I do think the packing for this palette is beautiful and I'm sure if I wasn't a makeup artist and this wasn't going in my kit but instead just sitting on top on my dressing table I would love it even more. The soft lilac mauve looks very antique looking which I like, but the palettes exterior is made from velvet (like the original Urban Decay Naked Palette) not from the standard plastic or cardboard. Like I said it is very beautiful and I'm sure most people would adore this unique velvet finish but for me it's just not practical, it's not a surface that can be easily wiped down, don't get me wrong makeup marks can be removed to some extend but it will still look slightly grubby once marked. I had this for a day and already have a black mark that's refusing to budge.

I personally love this palette, I think the mixtures of colours are very unique and you have some beautiful matte colours in there. The mixture of reds/ pinks and oranges is something you don't see in many palettes at the moment as they all tend to be more on the neutral side. The pigment and colour payoff is phenomenal, they all blend beautiful well, and I didnt experience any fall out underneath my eyes. The brush is an added bonus aswell..

Do I think this palette is a must have buy for everyone. . . No not really, it's not your typical neutral, or smokey eye palette and I think a lot of the red colours can scare people off if you're not use to trying out different colours.
BUT if you want something a little different and are a little more daring with eyeshadows or if you're equally looking for some amazing matte shades this is the palette for you!

Here's how I created this look. . .

Eyes: Mac Paint Pot, Layin' Low all over
          ABH Modern Renaissance palette in Golden Ochre in the crease and underneth
          ABH Modern Renaissance palette - Warm Taupe to deepen the crease
          ABH Modern Renaissance palette - Venetian Red outer corner, inner corner and underneth
          ABH Modern Renaissance palette - Vermeer centre of eye and underneath
          ABH Modern Renaissance palette - Vermeer to highlight inner corner
          Mac Chromagraphic Pencil - Nw15/20 in the water line

Mascara: Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions Mascara  
Eyeliner: Mac Liquidlast Liner - Point Black

Lashes: Red Cherry lashes - #30

Brows: NYX Tame & Frame Pomade - Brunette 

Lips: Mac Lipiner - Soar
         Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Embellissement

Blusher: Mac Mineralize Blush - Warm Soul


 Have you purchased this palette, if so what are your thoughts?

 Have a Fabulous Day!

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