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Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Lip Palette VOL.1 

Hello you lovely lot, finally I have gotten around to writing up my well over due review on the ABH Lip palette. I have had this palette for well over a month now (thanks to my amazing friend Sarah) but things have just been getting in the way of me finally pressing publish on this blog so with out any more further delays lets jump right into it! 

What Anastaia tells us about this product
An 18-well professional lip palette with shades ranging from primaries and neutrals to bold brights. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette to create an endless array of lip looks by mixing and customising highly pigmented, long-wearing matte shades.

Includes mixing plate and double-ended lip brush and spatula
Bold primary colours to mix, layer and customise
Wear alone or mixed together

Shade Description – left to right

ROW 1                                       ROW 2                                             ROW 3
1 - Peachy Pink                      7 - Vibrant Coral                           Primary 1 - White
2 - Red Oak Brown                 8 - Warm Sandy Brown                 Primary 2 - Black
3 - Burnt Orange                    9 - Vibrant Orchid Purple              Primary 3 - Red
4 - Rich Oak Brown                10 - Berry Pink                              Primary 4 - Yellow
5 - Burnished Berry                11 - Soft Oak Brown                      Primary 5 - Blue
6 - Rich Mahogany Brown      12 - Vibrant Pink                           13 - Blackened Berry

As soon as I set eyes on this palette I new I had to get my hands, being a professional makeup up artist I have a real love for mixing colours so when ABH released this lip palette I just had to see whether it was as good as what it seemed. It contains a wide range of neutral shades, a few brighter/darker colours and then what I was most interested in, a whole row of primary colours, this gives you the chance to mix and create a huge range of personal colours and to also moderate the colours you already have in the pan.

The finish of these lipsticks are truely beautiful, they are definitely matte but I wouldn't say as matte as a liquid lipstick or one from a bullet. Norvina wasn't kidding when she said these are full coverage, you need the tinest amount to cover the entire lip. 
I am impressed with the wear time with these lipsticks it lastest quiet a few hours and the finish was good, they are obviously not transfer proof and reapplying is a slight drawback as you have to take the whole palette out with you, but if your imaginative there are a few ways around that.
Each pan is supposed to hold as much as a lipstick, bullet but because of the way with palette was designed you will probably find you will get through a pan alot quicker than a bullet, and there can be alot of product waste with mixing your own colours. The biggest down fall for this product is that the pans are not refillable, I would of loved to have seen these pans be able to pop out and be replaced, I know certain colours for example the primary white I am hitting quite hard and can already see the bottom of the pan.
I am crossing my fingers that if there ever is one this will be showcased in the VOL 2 palette because this is a great flaw in what otherwise is a great product.

Congratulation to ABH for making another brilliant product! For me this palette receives a 9/10 (would have been 10/10 if the pans were replaceable) I think the mixture of colours are fantastic and the whole concept is brilliant. This is a product a will use in my kit but maybe for for photoshoots and one off makeup design instead of something like bridal, I like to give all my brides the name of lipstick I use for them so they have it to retouch with on the day, this is not possible with this palette. 

Do I think this palette is a must have buy for everyone. . . No not really, I think if your a person that really enjoys mixing and experimenting with lipsticks to create your own unquie colours then you will have a lot of fun with this product also its great and compact for mua's kits. But if you are someone who likes to do their makeup on the go, or has no interested in mixing different colours and just likes to see all the colour options in front of them, then I would stick to your normal liquid lipsticks.

A few examples of what colours can be created when you mix:

^^ Primary 2 + Primary 5 + Primary 1 + 9

^^ 12 + Primary 1

^^ 5 + 8 

^^ Primary 2 + Primary 3 +13 

^^ 8 + Primary 1

^^ Primary 3 + Primary 4 

^^ Primary 4 + Primary 5

^^ 10 + 12 + 13

^^ Primary 1 + Primary 5 

If you have purchaced this palette I would love to see what shades you have created.

Have a Fabulous day!


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