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Having a melt down
(How I depotted all my lipsticks)

I have being toying with the idea of depotting my lipsticks for sometime now, However visually pleasing having all your lipsticks laid out on your dressing room table ready for that perfect Instragram shot is, its just not practical for me any more. I am an on location artist so anything to try and slim down my kit, help it to be more organised and weigh less I am all for! And when you have 6 bridesmaids to do who's got the time to go through them all to find that one particular colour!

What you will need

- Your lipsticks
- A Spoon
- A Candle
- A empty lipstick palette or containers of your choice
- Cotton buds
- Spatula or knife

First step which you can choose whether or not you are bothered by, but I prefer it when shades are in there own little groups so I organised the lipsticks  in the shades that went well together.

I chose to do the melting process by cutting the bullet onto a spoon with a spatula and holding it over the candle until it melted. The melting didn't take long at all so make sure you keep your eye on it, you do not want it to start bubbling.
I then very carefully poured it into the wells the lipstick didn't look like a lot on the spoon but when poured into the wells it did expand a little bit so you may want to start with half the lipstick and then see about adding more.
The palette I purchased was the Japonesque 35 - well pro palette.

I have seen lots of people saying cut them up then put the palette in the microwave, I personally don't agree with this method yes it probably is quicker and less messy but you cant guarantee that the high frequency from the microwave wont ruin the lipstick formula.

The lipsticks didn't take long to set at all, once I was finished with the last one the first one was set. I then just cleared up the edges with a cotton bud. All that's left is for me to label them.

I will say this though carrying around that bag filled to the brim with lipsticks made it feel like I had 100's, but when melted down and put into a palette they looked next to nothing and when split into two further sections I was quite surprised by that bloody bag that took up so much room and weighed so much only consisted of only 21 shades.
I am very pleased that I look the plunge it was such a quick and easy process, heaven knows why I haven't done this sooner, its cut my kit down, my timings down, looks way more professional and made showing lipstick colours to client a hell of lot easier!

Next job foundations! - Watch this space. . .

Have a Fabulous Day! 

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