The Clown

So here's the thing, for everyone that remotely knows me knows that I am petrified of clowns, I mean faint or punch you in the face scared, there's no in between for me. So when all the requests started coming in the Halloween and a clown was at the top of the list I was like HELL NO. However I do aim to please so I gave it ago for you guys, BUT  and this is a big but this is as scary as it's going to get even when I was wearing this I was making myself jump. 

Here's how I created this look. . . 

Urban Decay - Electric Palette, Slowburn/ Urban

Beauty Boulevard - Star dust Glitters, Drops of Jupiter/ Cosmic Child / Babylon Zoo

Beauty Boulevard- Glitter Lips, Dark Disorder 

Urban Decay - Moondust Palette, Galaxy

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Lip Palette Vol.1, Primary White/ Yellow/ blue/ Vibrant Pink

NYX Cosmetics - SFX Creme Colour, Fuchsia/ Green

Have a Spooktacular Day!




There's nothing better than a good ol' demonic possession on Halloween, fun and easy to do just slap a + on your forehead and your good to go! 
People are always asking advise when it comes to using Derma Wax my repeated advise to everyone is to handle it as little as possible if handled to much it causes it to go tacky, which then makes it a nightmare to apply. Apply to clean skin and then add makeup over the top, the Derma Wax will stick better to your skin than it will when you have makeup on because of the oils in the makeup.

Here's how I created this look. . . 

NYX Cosmetics - SFX crème colour, white

MUA Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit - Light/Medium

Mehron Bruise Makeup Wheel 

Grimas Professional Film Blood 

Grimas - Derma Wax 

Ben Nye Proffesional Fresh Scab Fake Blood

Have a Spooktacular Day!



"The Other Mother" - Coraline

If anyone hasn't watched Coraline, I urge you to watch it now! For a kids film it's quite creepy it was directed by Henry Selick who also directed The Nightmare before Christmas. The other mother later turns into a twisted, spider, skeleton creature who tries to trap Coraline and sew buttons into her eyes! (twisted right).
Having a black background definitely helped create the illusion of a skeleton and let me just tell you, trying to take pictures while buttons are stuck on yours eye lids was not an easy experience!
I loved this look and think it would be great for Halloween it was very easy to do.

Here's how I created this look. . . 

NYX Cosmetics - SFX crème colour, black and white

Makeup Forever - Black Tooth Enamel

Makeup Forever - Graphic liner, bright black 

Mac Cosmetics - Duo Glue

Grimas - Derma Wax 

Have a Spooktacular Day!


Today's Look

November Frost

November, already! Where has this year gone? Although that does mean we are ever so slightly closer to Christmas! I am one of those annoying people that dries others mad by putting their decorations up in November, I just cant help it everything looks so pretty! 
It is getting pretty chilly so I decided to go for quite frosty colours, I  did pair it with a bright pink lip, but I was like "woah I look like I've just walked out of the 80's" so decided to keep the lip more simple and let the eyes do the work.
Here's how I created this look. . .

Lips: NYX Intense Butter Gloss - Spice Cake (patted in with my fingers and blurred out with a sponge)

Highlight: Contour & More Glow Drops - Prosseco

EyesMac Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
          Urban Decay Moondust Palette - Galaxy / Vega / Magnetic

          Urban Decay Electric Palette - Urban / Revolt 
          Mac - Steamy
          NYX Face & Body Glitter - Silver

Lashes: House of Lashes - Smokey Muse  

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hill Dip Brow - Ash Brown


 Have a Fabulous Day! 




The Pumpkin

Very Halloween is slowly approaching, it is by far my most favourite time to be a makeup artist this is my chance to let my creativity run wild and to create something other than my usual "pretty" designs.
Saying that thought, while creating this scary pumpkin look I had a real love hate relationship with it, first I finished it, took a handful of pictures (where normally I take a good 50+ to get that "perfect" one) then took it off, started it again, which didn't end well so I decided to scrap it.
My only trouble with  Halloween looks is I don't like them to look over "facepainted" which is absolutely ridiculous because that's exactly what your using. . . these looks always take me a lengthy amount of time so I start to get sick of seeing them before I have even given it a chance.
This picture was actually destined for the folder of "back up designs" when I showed it to a couple people and there immediate reaction was "ergh, that's terrifying" which is exactly what you want when you create something for Halloween.

So here is my first of many Halloween looks of 2017!

Here's how I created this look. . . 

Grimas water makeup in orange and black

Mac water makeup in white

Mac eyeshadow in Saddle

Mac pigment powder in copper

Have a Spooktacular Day!