The Pumpkin

Very Halloween is slowly approaching, it is by far my most favourite time to be a makeup artist this is my chance to let my creativity run wild and to create something other than my usual "pretty" designs.
Saying that thought, while creating this scary pumpkin look I had a real love hate relationship with it, first I finished it, took a handful of pictures (where normally I take a good 50+ to get that "perfect" one) then took it off, started it again, which didn't end well so I decided to scrap it.
My only trouble with  Halloween looks is I don't like them to look over "facepainted" which is absolutely ridiculous because that's exactly what your using. . . these looks always take me a lengthy amount of time so I start to get sick of seeing them before I have even given it a chance.
This picture was actually destined for the folder of "back up designs" when I showed it to a couple people and there immediate reaction was "ergh, that's terrifying" which is exactly what you want when you create something for Halloween.

So here is my first of many Halloween looks of 2017!

Here's how I created this look. . . 

Grimas water makeup in orange and black

Mac water makeup in white

Mac eyeshadow in Saddle

Mac pigment powder in copper

Have a Spooktacular Day!

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