The Clown

So here's the thing, for everyone that remotely knows me knows that I am petrified of clowns, I mean faint or punch you in the face scared, there's no in between for me. So when all the requests started coming in the Halloween and a clown was at the top of the list I was like HELL NO. However I do aim to please so I gave it ago for you guys, BUT  and this is a big but this is as scary as it's going to get even when I was wearing this I was making myself jump. 

Here's how I created this look. . . 

Urban Decay - Electric Palette, Slowburn/ Urban

Beauty Boulevard - Star dust Glitters, Drops of Jupiter/ Cosmic Child / Babylon Zoo

Beauty Boulevard- Glitter Lips, Dark Disorder 

Urban Decay - Moondust Palette, Galaxy

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Lip Palette Vol.1, Primary White/ Yellow/ blue/ Vibrant Pink

NYX Cosmetics - SFX Creme Colour, Fuchsia/ Green

Have a Spooktacular Day!

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